The above photo taken 23rd March 2007 on descent from the summit.

Ben Wyvis

A homepage for my favourite hill.

Well, why not, eh?  I don't think anyone else has a website which devotes much space to this fascinating mountain, so here goes.  The intention is to develop it as I go along; it certainly isn't the last word on the subject!  Comments and additional information would be very welcome, and if you send me stuff I can add it in (with acknowledgement, of course).

A short history of Ben Wyvis

Recommended Routes

A geological history of Ben Wyvis

Flora and Fauna - not my strong point, but I'll try to put something together on this in due course.

Latest News and Updates:

July 2012:  Do you like this sunset from An Cabar?  Stunning colours on that day.

1 January 2011:  A rather cold morning on Ben Wyvis. On my own again for the ascent, but met up briefly with another hillrunner on the descent.

July 2010:  The upgraded path is providing good practice both for ascent and descent for local hill runners - the big stone steps requiring a 'fast feet' technique if taken on descent, and a power walk on ascent.

1 January 2010: I don't think many were on the Ben today - I couldn't even get out of Inverness due to the depth of snow on the roads!

1 January 2009: Quite a few folk out on the hill first-footing.  No view from the top, but at least it was fairly calm on the plateau. The upgrade of the path up An Cabar is progressing well, although the paved surface tends to become very slippy in icy conditions - on descent it is safer to stick to the heather!

7 December 2008:  Lots of snow this last week again.  See the Routes page for details of Ross Bannerman's fast descent from the summit earlier this year.

2 October 2008:    The first snow has fallen on Wyvis, covering down to about 2700ft this morning.  Cold northerly winds, but they won't last long.

Information Needed:  I remember being told that someone once landed a biplane on the summit plateau of Ben Wyvis, but have never seen or read anything about this event.  Do you know any details?  If so, please email me with the information on and I will add it to this site.


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