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Downtown Kabale, south-west Uganda, in August 2005, and we are walking towards Rugarama.

Theology?  And what has that got to do with a small town in Africa?

Well, everything really.  When I have been working abroad, doing the watsan (=water and sanitation engineer) thing, I have found that faith has been inextricably bound up in the whole experience.  Here in the UK we compartmentalise our lives, and our faith (if we have one) is something we keep to ourselves, and to certain days of the week.  But in Uganda, or Pakistan, there is no compartmentalisation.  Faith is mixed in to every part of life.  And why not?  Makes much more sense to me.

So having some theology pages on my website is perfectly normal from a non-UK perspective!


Anyway for starters, and seeing as I am a part-time student of theology, here are some of my more recent essays on various theological topics:

(beware, they were originally written as coursework submissions, and as a consequence have been shaped by strict word limits and the need to include references and quotations.)

The Isaac Story

The Plagues of Egypt

Accommodation in Biblical Language

How Genre Shapes Interpretation

Is Penal Substitution a necessary part of Atonement?

The importance of Parables in Mark's Gospel


Any constructive criticisms welcomed!

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