Ben Rinnes


A Wild Day, 10th September 2011

The weather forecast was distinctly unpromising, with 80mph winds forecast.  So we headed for the part of the country which was most likely to be kind to us.  Five of us (Norman, Stewart, Derick, Peter and Jonathan) made the trip from Inverness.

From the car park at Glack Harnes we walked up the well-made path, over Roy's Hill, and then into the cloud which was skimming across the ridge. Higher up, the wind increased to maybe 60mph at times, with some showers thrown in for good measure.  We reached the trig point and summit, and after a photo or two retreated behind the granite tor to have an early lunch.

The descent was straightforward, and it was nice to get down below the clouds again and see the farms across Glen Rinnes. Several folk passed us on their way up the hill - even on a wild day like today this hill is popular.  The total time was about 2:45, including almost half an hour at the summit.

Thanks to Peter Shaw for driving us, and allowing wet hillwalkers into his nice clean car!

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